Company Overview

Takats'Eau is a multidisciplinary engineering and project management enterprise founded in 2018 in South Africa, locally owned and managed. The company provides interventions in access to water, energy and food thanks to its tailored engineering solutions approach.


Takats'Eau’s mission is to provide safe drinkable water, energy and food to people living next to a water source (boreholes, lakes, dams, rivers, seas, estuaries & oceans) and do not have access to it. The solution also applies when a rapid hydric stress situation occurs to respond to an urgent need on site.

What We Do

  • 1. As a multifaceted enterprise, we tackle problems around three critical areas that are currently disregarded by a greater part of the private sector and neglected by public institutions.

  • 2. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), two six and seven, build the water-energy-food nexus. With this in mind, Takats'Eau’s engineered and designed proposals are the most credible and efficient alternatives to supply access to drinkable water but also to tailored water quality required in some segments such as Agriculture, Mining and other industries.

  • 3. Our original set of technologies coupled with free sources of energy set Takats'Eau ahead in terms of overall competitiveness. Takats'Eau does not exclusively target a single application or sector, but is committed to develop solutions for any private and public sector requirements.

  • 4. Our approach is to supply a set of systems that are all-in-one fully autonomous and self-sustainable units using solar energy and/or wind power to supply the required water quality, through brackish or seawater purification.

  • 5. Takats'Eau’s flexible models allow its engineering team to propose the same lot of systems grid-tied. All are supplied as a containerized complete package with all the unit process components as an out of the box plug and play system.

  • 6. On the basis that the water rarefaction issue is attended to, with Takats'Eau’s designs or if a source of quality water is available, our company provides solar solutions, which will assist and facilitate public and private sectors switch to renewable energies. Takats'Eau engineers and designs smart farming solutions paired with our water solutions or if a source of quality water is available.

What Sets Us Apart?

Takats'Eau’s approach is to always plan its engineering thinking around our customers’ specific needs and requirements. We strive to deliver long-lasting solutions that dovetail with prevailing engineering, environmental and human & regulation factors. Takats'Eau aims to provide a reliable and quality service to our end users. However, what really makes us different as a start-up is a combination of the following competitive advantages: 

- Highly skilled staff with more than 100 years of combined and complementary expertise 

- Rapid engineering design, deployment and commissioning of our interventions

- Environmentally friendly – low carbon footprint 

- Access to innovative technologies 

- Ability to offer personalized products tailored to our customers’ requirements 

- International reach

- Lean organization structure enhancing low-cost solutions. 

- Locally domiciled

- Strategic partnerships with both private and public institutions

- Market intelligence and awareness

Meet Our Management Team

  • Mickael Pourteau

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


    Our Chief Executive Officer has graduated with a Master of Science in International Purchasing and Supply Chain. He dedicated 8 years of his career in several purchasing senior management roles in South Africa & Europe for a multinational mining company. He then decided to continue his career as Global Purchasing Director for a multi-billion GBP revenue company in the steel and foundry industries. At the end of 2021, he decided to quit his former role to fully dedicate his time to Takats'Eau.

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  • Pierre-Yves Legris

    Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer 


    With a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Business studies obtained, our finance expert spent two years in London working in the Investment Banking before spending five years on the front office desk at a financial holding company listed on the NYSE. He is now established in Zürich as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) in the Business Development team of a niche boutique. His organization and rationalism make him a brilliant strategic advisor and co-founder.

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  • Munashe Pfupa

    Chief Engineer


    Our technical expert, who acquired an Honours Degree in Chemical and Process Systems Engineering, has worked in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa for both the private and public sectors. His work has focused on process and product conceptualisation, development, implementation and optimization. His activities cover a diverse range of industries, which include; manufacturing, agriculture, mining, waste management, defence and security, amongst others. He is our technical asset to guarantee the project management and its success. 

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  • Coba Greyling

    Business Development & Marketing Manager


    Ambitious professional, experienced and specialised in over 30 years' in corporate statutory compliance and governance, making an excellent addition to our team as Business Development Manager, by identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to business challenges and development. Exploration, pursuit, and motivation are her frameworks for success. As part of Takats'Eau she evolves into diverse journeys with the growth of our business. Like any Business Development Manager her goal is to be on the cutting-edge of industry advancements. Contributions to this field at large, revolve around her essential talents in corporate governance and statutory compliance. Creating and developing strong abilities in collaboration and fostering a reputation as a key contributor through communication and problem-solving skills to integrate valuable insights. Her creativity and problem-solving skills are key to Takats'Eau.

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