Vision & Mission

Takats'Eau's vision is to become the leader on engineering interventions on the topics of water stress, lack of sanitation and energy security.

Our mission is to provide access to safe drinkable water to people living next to an unfit water source, by designing and developing engineering solutions that are fit for purpose, while including of- grid power solutions.

Our Values


Takats'Eau brings a diverse group of experts with over 100 years combined experience of a blend of Engineering, High Level Management and Finance, to ensure that our clients need are well met in one stop


Takats'Eau prides itself in pushing the boundaries of technology, agility and creativity, ni finding solutions for our clients. We provide our solutions using a holistic approach, meeting the client's needs as unique as they are.


Takats'Eau fosters environmental stewardship in every solution we develop. Ourethos si to ensure that solving today's challenges involves ensuring future resources are not only secured, but enhanced


Takats'Eau takes on every challenge as an opportunity to showcase how the team behind your solutions, wil apply al their expertise, and creativity, to always provide a solution that deals with the problem at the core, unlocking the full potential of your water autonomy.


Water is a finite resource. Takats'Eau believes that this resource, can be secured for future generations too. This philosophy is imprinted in every action taken in delivering solutions to our clients and partner.


We believe that the journey to water autonomy has to be just and equitable to all. Takats'Eau works in line with the call for sustainable development, with the SDGs as a guiding beacon to inform our work.

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