The intention of Takatso to provide off-grid decentralized solutions is undoubtedly at the core of our ethos.


Through our partners and engineering team, we can provide a fully off-grid water purification plant to meet your needs, with the option to incorporate a mini-grid supply for basic electrical usages such as lighting and plugs.


However, we are not limited to just the mini-grid and incident power. We are also able to provide a turnkey solution, should you choose to take yourself off the grid for your daily power usage.


We can design and install complete off-grid power solutions of up to 100kW.


Whenever we are provided with an opportunity to supply a system that requires renewable energy, Takatso designs the system to best match the environmental factors.


Our cylindrical wind turbines can produce up to 2kW of power with minimal wind speed and can be incorporated into the design solution, provided that the prevailing wind speed in the area of commissioning can meet the minimum parameters for electrical production


HYDROPONICS, AQUAPONICS and especially VERTICAL FARMS can be powered and have the water supplied by the unit.

It’s the FUTURE OF FARMING. It presents an opportunity for highly efficient farming in places where conventional agricultural systems are difficult to implement.


HYDROPONICS refers to growing plants without soil. Plants are grown in other-medias such as water, gravel or sand. Nutrients are supplied through fertilizers added in the watering process.



  • Water Conservation: 10 times less water used thanks to controlled water delivery
  • Fewer Chemicals: Controlled environment, so no risk of weeds taking over or pest issues
  • Faster Growth: 30 to 50% faster than plants grown in soil
  • Nutrient Control: The system feeds plants a nutrient solution mixed with water,
  • Grow Indoors: Ability to grow year-round
  • Healthier Plants: No parasitic and/or soil-borne diseases
  • Bigger Yield
  • No Soil Erosion: No soil means no soil erosion

AQUAPONICS is a subset of hydroponics. Plants are also grown without soil, primarily in water. It is a sustainable cycle where nutrients are supplied from the by-products of fish ecosystem, and the plants reciprocate the favour by filtering the water



  • Produces both vegetables AND fish for consumption
  • Less energy and water consumption than traditional agriculture
  • Considerably less maintenance is needed: water acts as a medium to grow plants
  • Quick and disease-free plant growth: plant roots are exposed to sufficient oxygen and they can easily absorb it. Moreover, the mist used on roots can be sterilized to prevent plant disease.
  • 100% safe and helpful to the environment by conserving water
  • Aquaponics methods grow plants considerably faster than any other conventional means.
  • Easy maintenance and plant harvest & replacement

This can be integrated into the solution to provide Internet access for a 20-40m radius around the plant.


The Wi-Fi modules are provided in areas where there is cellular connectivity, in order to provide connectivity to the communities benefitting from the water solution.


Typically, this will be for areas such as clinics, schools, small business centres, and community centres.